Engine Balancing

Engine Balancing is a specialised service that Hagen Motors offers and generally occurs with a complete engine rebuild. An engine requires precision machining for it to operate correctly. So, all engines that are reconditioned should be balanced before assembly. Balancing an engine’s rotating assembly will not only ensure smoother operation but it will also increase the horse power and longevity.

The first step in the balancing procedure is to weight match the connecting rods and pistons. The crankshaft and all other engine parts on the rotating assembly are then placed on a balancing machine and spun. The computerised machine then indicates the position and amount of unbalance. The technician will remove weight by machining the engine parts or adding heavy metal as required.

This is only a simplified over view of the balancing process. It requires an experienced technician to achieve the optimum result!

What parts do I need to balance an engine’s rotating assembly?

It depends on the engine but normally we require the following parts.


Pistons & Connecting Rods & Crankshaft, Harmonic Balancer, Drive Plate & Bolts


Pistons & Connecting Rods & Crankshaft, Harmonic Balancer, Pressure Plate, Flywheel & Bolts

*For V6 & V8 Engines Connecting Rod Bearings & Rings

The workshop at Hagen Motors uses Sunnen Digital Balancing Machine and has balanced many engines for over the years.

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